CWE has developed series of educational resources about climate change and indigenous peoples, based on the stories presented in the exhibitions.
These materials and education curriculum have been designed to serve as an education guide and participatory learning resource within Conversations with the Earth exhibition. Content included in the education materials, facilitates visitors’ understanding of the different topics highlighted in the exhibition, and enhances the school visit experience. Through games and interactive methodology, it also intends to awake a more critical and reflective learning about climate change and indigenous peoples, from a more personal perspective.

Throughout these activities students will be able to:

  • learn about climate change and and its impacts on the lifestyle of different indigenous communities around the world, based on real stories and testimonies; 
  • become aware of the vulnerabilities of indigenous peoples to changes in their natural environment caused by modern pressures.
  • Work as a team. 
The education materials are targeted to both elementary and high school levels, with specific activities for each section of the CWE Exhibit. DVDs and Mobile exhibition panels are also available for teachers who wish to print and display content in their own school. Please contact us directly if you are interested.
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